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Honey Studies


Arnold Render

This simulation was created as a part of a larger collaborative project where each team member was assigned a letter to make up the word "SCAD", with each letter being brought to life by a different effect.

I chose to make the S from honey to reference the city of Savannah, as well as SCAD's mascot, which is a bee. 

I used flip fluids in Houdini and played around with various viscosity attributes to achieve this look. This project involved some problem-solving for the static geometry. To get the fluid to interact with the 'S' the way I wanted it to, I ended up having to convert the S to a vdb object, as well as lower its surface extrapolation. 

The bubbles were made by scattering points over the mesh of the fluid, and copying spheres to those points. The final product was rendered in mantra, and composited in Nuke.

Mantra Render